Ames Mill

In Production Since 1881


1881-1961 Cotton, Silk & Wool


Prior to the current four-Story Brick Mill, the site experienced three fires, and the loss of several shoe factories.  After each fire the town came together to rebuild.

1881- 1895

 The Southard Mill

Built by T.J Southard, arguably Richmond’s mostsuccessful businessman, on the former site of several shoe factories ( all of which burnet in spectacular fires), the current Ames mill featured a then state of the art fire suppression system.  The Southard Mill produced Cotton seamless bags. The business was sold to the Willis & Sears.


Willis & Sears

Willis & Sears ran the Mill to produce cotton yarn. After only 6 years, the building was sold.

1901- 1915 

Kennebec Spinning Mill Company

Producing Cotton, Worsted and Silk yarn the Kennebeck Spinning Company employed 160 individuals in 1902, withpayroll of $50,000/ year (approximately $1.34M in today dollars)



Richmond Silk Mill

A subsdary of Bloomber Sil Mills Inc, The Richmond Silk Mill intended to employee up to 200 individuals and run 150 electric powered silk looms.



The Richmond Worsted Spinning Mill Co.

The mills were converted over to running Worsted Wool.  



Ames Worsted Co.



1961-1964 - Economic Development

After the Ames Worsted Company closed production, Mill ownership was transferred to the town of Richmond. In an effort to secure manufacturing tenants, the Richmond Economic Development counsel  was formed.  A shoe manufacture (find name) was the first tenant.  After only 4 years ( when the tax incentives expired) the business closed and for the first time the building was unoccupied. 


1969-1999 Electronics

Clarostat-Maine, inc, assumed occupancy of the mill in 1969 to manufacture electronic components.  The business changed names and ownership over the years, but the process remained more or less untouched.


1999-PRESENT Richmond Contract Manufacturing